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Rhythm of Structure: Beyond the Mathematics

Centre Gallery, Oliver Gallery at University of South Florida
and Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa 

Knotting Mathematics and Art: A Low Dimensional Topology and Mathematics Art Conference presents an unprecedented occasion for a demonstrating the connection between mathematics and art in a serious and unique way to matrix of diverse communities both academic and general. By integrating the themes of mathematics and art in both conference content and in the exhibition presentation, we have an opportunity to bring to the Tampa Bay Area a unique and powerful model for promoting the connection between mathematics and art. The curatorial motivation is to re-enforce these connections by presenting the most relevant artists whose work inform and frame the theme of the conference. To do this we have  organized a series of three mathematical art exhibitions  that focus on mathematical fine art, visual mathematics and students works.  This group of exhibitions functions to reach a wide community with special interest for mathematicians, scientists, artists, mathematics and art teachers and educators.

Centre Gallery
Oct 22 – Nov 4th

The work for this exhibit will feature two-dimensional and sculptural works by established MathArtists.  The exhibition would include the followings artists: Brent Collins, Helaman Ferguson, Mike Fields, Bathsheba Grossman, George Hart, Charles Perry, Tony Robbin, and John Sims.

Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa
Oct 22 – Nov 4th

To match the theme MOSI  as an educational science venue, the works here will focus on the visual mathematical works that have strong illustrative element.  This exhibition with feature the works of George Hart, Thomas Banchoff. Carlo Sequin, Chaim Strauss-Goodman

Oliver Gallery 
Oct 29,- Nov 4th

This exhibition will focus on student work that is developed from a series Visual Mathematics Work Shops offered in the earlier part of the Fall semester. Mathematics and Arts students will be invited to submit mathematical art work.  To assist students there will be a series of Visual Mathematics workshops available as a resource early in the semester.